My Experience Using Magnetic Lashes

We’re living at a time where we think it’s not the most practical idea to go out and put on some makeup. But there are times that our curiosity on the latest beauty products can get the best of us.

This was my experience when I started getting bored and searched the internet for some makeup fads that I could try at home. Lo and behold, I found this set of magnetic lashes.

What is it?

Let’s start at the beginning. Magnetic false lashes are similar to what people normally and usually use. They’re a synthetic set of lashes designed to mimic the design of natural lashes. And they function like how normal false lashes do – enhance the looks of your lashes by adding volume, length, or simply design.

The only, and large, difference between normal false lashes and magnetic false lashes is that the latter does not need lash glue to be applied on the lids. Instead, it utilizes magnetic particles incorporated on the bands of the lashes which stick to the ink of a magnetic eyeliner. Once the user applies this magnetic eyeliner on the lids, the magnetic lashes adheres to it.

How was the experience? 

To be honest, I tried this product out of mere boredom and curiosity. Little did I know that this product is going to change how I view lashes from then on. I realized that nobody should go through a difficult time getting dressed up and ready with archaic methods of beautification.

It’s a whole new experience, even compared to getting semi-permanent lashes. You still definitely have control over how frequent you want to wear this set of lashes and how long you would like to keep it on your eyes. Because I kid you not when I say that this product sticks to the eyes in the longest time possible.

What’s the verdict? 

I am by no means a beauty expert or whatsoever, so you should take what I say with a grain of salt. But for someone who has had lots of experience when it comes to beauty products, I rate this magnetic false lashes five stars for the comfort, convenience, hygiene, and genius behind this.

This just proves that beauty is made much better with the help of technology and great intelligence behind it. Lashes are not to be frowned upon. Instead, they should be celebrated just like how people should celebrate every woman and the beauty that she brings to the world.

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