Nails and Their Common Enemies? A Guide on How to Beat Them

People may take nail health lightly because they’re outside the body. Nothing critical can happen, they say. But did you know that there are multiple conditions that can happen to nails when they’re neglected? However, there’s no need to panic. There are also several ways to get them repaired. 

Nail Fungus 

One of the most common enemies of nails are fungi that can grow on nails. It can be observed when nails start to discolor (mostly yellowish) and when they also begin to crumble. Many factors contribute to this condition such as overgrowth of fungi on the nails due to overly warm and moist environments. 

Fortunately, this can be treated immediately. One of the immediate solutions is to use a nail fungal cream or gel that can help prevent the spread of fungal growth. By doing so, nail recovery is much faster and a whole painless.

Bacterial Infections 

Sometimes nails can get inflamed, specifically the area surrounding it, due to bacterial infections. It can occur for a short period while other cases tend to recur. While common bacteria can bring out this disease, viral infections such as herpes can also cause this condition. 

Medical experts may prescribe medicine for such cases. But other remedies may include soaking nails in warm water. Not will this only relieve the itchy sensation others may feel. It’s also a good treatment. 

Nail Splitting 

Another issue one may spot easily on nails is nail splitting wherein a split is observed horizontally. It often occurs to people whose hands are frequently exposed to water, nail cosmetics, or individuals with other skin diseases. 

There’s not much to worry about this condition except for the thought of having brittle nails. This can be prevented by avoiding excessive exposure to water, frequent application of moisturizer, and trimming the nails at appropriate lengths.

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