New Addition To Your Favorite Products

Magnetic lash as your new favorite products!


If you really love doing your makeup, you probably heard of magnetic eyeliner and lashes as the newest addition to any beauty routine. Let me introduce them to you. These are not your typical messy fake eyelashes application because you can have it with just magnetic eyeliner. Who wouldn’t love this, right? Here are some lash-stack combinations that can help you along the way. Let’s get it straight with Arishine magnetic eyeliner and lashes.





Know your own makeup style 


A lot of us like to do our makeup like it's pretty natural. That “no makeup, makeup look” with your dewy skin, bronzed glow, and just highlighter in all the right places, we all like that. With your lashes, of course, that adds that pop with a balance of natural and glam. Now, we’ll know more of what lash style you love the most.


Bold-styled lash


This style of lashes is full and fluffy without being over-the-top. You can somehow use this when you are working out, on a zoom call, or just simply socializing. Try this one and see where you can use this style of lashes. 


Showy and extravagant styled lash


This eyelash style can be one of your favorites when you are in a photo shoot. This has a slight step up from the first style of lashes, in length and fullness, which can look greater on camera, still look natural, and is great for everyday use as well.




Cheerful styled lash


This has been a bigger and fuller style of lash than the previous one, and you will love this as it still looks very natural on you. This is designed to copy the look of lash extensions and nailed your look. If ever you will try this style, it surely makes you happy. It goes perfectly for everyday use too, in a night out, or whatever the day brings. 



Cheeky styled lash

It’s great to use when you are on-the-go or just want to add a little volume if you already have a mascara. Also, if you want a bit more outer edge on your other favorite lash styles, you can just add this one on the top of the other magnetic lash and boost the whole look quickly. 



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The magnetic eyeliner will not only add more drama on your lash because it will be the one to hold the lashes for you. They come to be a great partner for you. This won’t just lessen your time in preparing but probably the one you are looking for a quick and less mess application of your lashes than the usual.

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