New Eyelash-growth Serums Vs. Traditional Mascara

17 Ways To Naturally Grow Your Eyelashes To Skyrocket Your Confidence

Have you ever tried using lash serums? Have you experienced having long, thick, curve eyelashes with the use of mascara? Which of the two products would you prefer to enhance your natural lashes and make them pop and bloom? 


Every girl's dream is to have full, thick, long lashes everywhere they go, because they believe that having long and thick lashes will make their makeup journey easier. They believe that having naturally curved, long lashes doesn't need any makeup or eyelash enhancement products just to complete their full eye makeup look. 


A lot of girls buy eyelash enhancing products because they really like having long lashes permanently but for some, they don't. Some girls believe and stick to the saying, "simplicity is beauty", they prefer wearing and displaying their natural features to everyone and just be thankful to what God has given to them. 

These lash-growth serums and mascara products are for those who want to enhance and improve their natural lashes only and not for everyone, especially to those who have sensitive eyes. 

Based on research, girls much prefer using eyelash serums than mascaras because serums give permanent results than mascara did. No more messy, hassle, time consuming mascara application and removal! It's real that there are products that create long, thick, mascara-free lashes but don't just throw out your mascaras away and invest on instant eyelash growers. Here's the reason why…


We can still use our mascara whenever we want, it's still useful and convenient, especially to those who want full bloom eyelashes on special occasions only, temporarily and not permanently. Eyelash growers formula is invented to work on patients who suffer from the eyelash condition called Hypotrichosis or a naturally thin, dull eyelash style. But they are widely known to enhance natural eyelashes permanently.



Eyelash serums can create long, thick, lush lashes that can always look beautiful with or without the use of mascara. Some serums work, but others don't, so always be careful in choosing the right products that work best for you. Most of them are known as lash growers but many of them are just eyelash conditioners that help us prevent our natural lashes from falling out or breakage. 

Arishine professional eyelash & brow enhancing serum advanced formula was specially created to help customers strengthen, magnify, and lengthen their natural eyelashes and eyebrows. The formula has proven to have fast results for it increases the length and thickness of eyelashes in just 2 weeks of daily use. This is also a nourishing serum that helps lashes and brows become stronger and healthier. The formula is non-irritating, gentle and safe for all skin types, and also easy to apply with the use of applicator tip, same as the eyeliner tip. This works like magic! 






Many eyelash grower products work to thicken eyelashes and always considered to be safe, but if you have tried over-the-counter products without knowing the product well and not knowledgeable enough about the product, you might increase your chance of having the following risks: 

  • Irritated, itchy, red eyes
  • Unwanted hair growth in any areas of your eyelid
  • Darkening the eyelids
  • Lessen or decrease eye pressure, which cause glaucoma
  • Increased iris pigmentation permanently

Symptoms will slowly disappear and the lashes will return to it's natural style weeks after you stop using those unknown products. But before choosing the best product, everyone must know that eyelash growing serums are usually pricey, prices may vary actually.

If symptoms persist, schedule an appointment and consult with your eye doctor to get professional suggestions and advice from them about using eyelash-growth serums, and you'll surely be surprised and amazed by what the doctor will tell you. 

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