Our skin is known as the precious jewel of our body. We may have flaws and imperfections, but we can still take good care of it than having the worst thing that could happen. These days, people are taking good care of their bodies. The majority of them glowed up and changed their identity. Others are still in the process of getting that desired skin tone, and some are taking their time to make the right decision. There are a lot of tutorials and skincare tips that are on social media platforms today. Some discovered things on their own and have decent effects.

One of the companies of the Cosmetic Industry made discovered an effective skincare routine. Arishine shared their tips and secret techniques for maintaining a decent and smooth skin tone. They hired cosmetic professionals and health experts to confirm the safety and effectiveness of this method.

Wash Your Face Twice A Day


Washing the face twice a day helps a having clean and hydrated skin. This practice should be a habit for all of us but often got forgotten. It is the most effective way to start having clean and clear skin.  Washing your face first thing in the morning removes the unnecessary pollutants and skin irritants that stick when you were asleep.  In the evening, it's the same thing. The face encounters more pollutants during day time as more activities happen during day time. Washing your face twice a day also decreases the chance of having pimples. Taking a bath could be a good thing. But if you have health problems, you may wash your face only.

Several people have tried this step, and it made a huge difference in their skin tone. If you have allergies to a specific type of water like alkaline and others, you may use tap water by boiling it up first and let it cool down for 15 seconds.

Use A Mild Cleanser


Using a mild cleanser may help clean your skin. It is advisable to use this kind of cleaner as it is less aggressive than the premium kinds. These cleansers contain fewer chemicals, which 60%-80% of the solution are organic components that make the whole process safer and faster. Doctors advised everyone to use these cleansers as they have better results than artificial or premium ones. There are a lot of brands and types of facial wash or cleaners. The ones that contain aloe vera are recommended as they contain antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamin A and C.


Mild cleansers don't need to be expensive or branded ones. Although branded ones ensure you the effectiveness of the product. Generic ones also work. Just make sure to check the ingredients and their components

Apply Whitening Cream With Collagen


In taking care of your skin, you also need to take products that contain vitamins and minerals that serve as a supplement. One of that important supplements is collagen. Whitening creams containing collagens help repair skin damage. It improves the skin's elasticity and covers wrinkles. Collagen also strengthens the skin and also keeps it hydrated. Collagen reduces skin inflammation, reducing the depth of the wrinkles. There are several types of whitening creams, and brands also affect the effectiveness of the product.

Arishine sells a whitening cream with collagen with the name Arishine Advanced Brightening Whitening Cream with Collagen. Several customers gave their thoughts on the products and gave a satisfaction note with its effects. For more products approved and certified by Health Professionals and Beauty Experts, you may visit

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