Still a Beginner at Makeup? Magnetic Lashes are Your Best Friend!

We all start somewhere when we realized we wanted to become good at it. And makeup beginners are no different in this realization. The makeup experts that we see on the internet and in several shows had to start at a point where they knew nothing and they worked their way up to where they are now.

Practically anybody can become a great makeup artist. However, there are different factors to consider when one wants to be highly skilled at it. And one of these is the kind of products that people work with while working on their skills.


Let’s admit it. On our way to learn even the basics of makeup, we figured out some tools and products don’t seem to allow us to proceed from zero knowledge to at least learning how to apply proper foundation. So it’s not solely the user’s fault. There really are some difficult products to work with.

It then makes sense for us to carefully listen to the opinions of trusted beauty experts on their product recommendations. And sometimes, you’ll be surprised to know that one product might be really great for beginners once you explore several reviews. Take for example magnetic false lashes.

The hype around it was carefully built. People had to test and see whether this product would work according to their needs and preference – one of which is how efficient it is to use and how user-friendly it is. The verdict? Many people started seeing and experiencing the benefits of wearing magnetic false lashes, leading to the hype that this product has today.


We tested magnetic false lashes to see how it compares to other kinds of lashes that beginners usually work with. And needless to say, this type of lashes are friendly to people who have zero skill at all in putting lashes. Probably one of the reasons why is that it does not involve lash glue which, admittedly, can be quite infuriating and nerve-wracking for the first time makeup enthusiast.

And then there is the volume which is just enough for people who just want to have a feel on how false lashes are on the lids. We don’t want anything too shocking. Just the right kind that beginners can wear in simple styles.

Lastly, while it makes the lashes look beautiful, it also stands the test of time. Beginners cannot be bothered with having to constantly adjust their false lashes throughout the day. It will only make the experience of wearing falsies traumatic to them. Magnetic false lashes stay intact throughout the day without needing for adjustments here and there. So it gives the beginner a pleasant experience of wearing lashes as he or she gets acquainted with the makeup world.


Different learning curves require different tools that meet skill levels and experience. Whether you’re a beginner at makeup or have been doing so for the past couple of years, there’s definitely a product for you. Good thing to know that this pair of magnetic false lashes fit anywhere in that spectrum. With comfort, convenience, and ease of use combined, you can certainly never go wrong with this choice.

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