Suitable Footwear For The Weather

Is it good to always wear flip flops?


Carefully choosing sandals and flip flops is important as it prevents your foot from foot issues that can block your plans for summer. We all know that wearing flip flops is one of the convenient ways when you are to run an errand but it can’t be good wearing them all the time. Flip flops are commonly described as one of the worst footwear for your feet. For you to not experience soreness and injuries, wearing flip flops for walking long distance is not recommended and replace them every year as well.


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Wear appropriate footwear 

If you are to wear sandals, choose sandals that have a rubber sole and good traction to prevent slipping. Yes, flip flops are one of the good choices as it can’t be bent in half easily that makes them better for your foot. Sandals that have straps are most likely to become your preferred option. It should always fit you perfectly. Your toes, heel, or even sides of your foot should not be peeking over the edge. One thing that is for sure, is that you don’t want to experience sore feet or long-term foot issues, then, you should keep these in your mind - don’t risk it even how cute and affordable it will be.

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Tips For Foot Care

Be careful when going out barefoot

  • You may have experienced cuts or scrapes to your feet if you tried to go barefoot outside, which is not new. Most especially in public places such as swimming pools, this area might have bacteria and fungi on the floor that your feet can pick-up no matter how clean they look like


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Choose proper footwear 

  • Always remember to choose the suitable shoes for every activity that you will do. Shoes that are too tight, restrict circulation, or even trap sweat around your feet can be harmful.

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Always keep your good hygiene

  • Maintaining good hygiene is really important like trimming your nails regularly, inspecting your feet for cuts or injuries, and always keeping them clean and dry. 

  • Have you heard of fungal nail infection? It can affect any part of your body. Those who have diabetes and have a disease that causes poor circulation are just one of the people who can be at risk for fungal infections. But there is a good product that is known for strengthening, protection, and can treat your nail from nail fungus. Arishine pencil bright is a product  that can take care of your cracked, rough, nail discolorations, which are attacked by nail fungus. They are safe and easy to use. It can also show you the good outcome within 2-4 weeks if you will use it regularly and is recommended to be used for approximately 4-12 weeks. This will surely give a delight feeling after using it.



Know your health conditions

  • Being aware of your own medical condition is also good as it can affect your feet too. Always remember to take care of your feet.

Be cautious of choosing the best fit footwear for you to avoid blisters, injuries, and infections that can stop you in enjoying the weather and do your favorite activities.  

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