As the pandemic continues, virtual communication became a new way of socialization. Our looks play a vital role as it gives an impression towards others, who we are. On virtual activities, our face is revealed, and our look shows how much we take good care of ourselves. Our eyes are one of the highlighted parts of our face, and it is the frequent part where everyone will look. Eyes are very attractive, and it gives an impact on our beauty. Every Eye has different kinds of shapes. Each shape is unique, and it has a corresponding style that matches a certain fashion.

Arshine is one of the cosmetic and beauty companies that offer affordable products, with quality and friendly customer service. Arshine has its stylists and here are some common eye styles shared by the stylist.

Monolid Eye Shape

Monolid is the type of eye shape that does not have a crease. From the word itself, "mono," which means one, and "lid," an abbreviation of the eyelid, and when combined, it translates to one eyelid. Most Asians have a monolid eye shape, and it gives a unique shape of the eye that classifies the beauty of an Asian. Arishine's stylists suggest the best eyeliner style for monolid is cross-style of "thin line" and "cat-eye." It is a style of cat eye, but with a thinner shape. The best grain for eyelash extensions would be small to medium grain and may vary on the eyebrow's thickness.

The stylists suggest for to use a Magnetic Eyelash and Eyeliner for faster and easier application. Arshine sells a "Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes," and it comes in kits. It has over a thousand reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars. 

Upturned Eye Shape


Upturned eye shape is one of the common eye shapes, and it is similar to almond-shaped. It has a similar oval shape but with an upward lift on the outer edges, giving an exotic appearance. It is also known as the "cat eyes." Most dutch who have pure blood of an ethnic group have upturned eyes. They inherit this feature from their ancestors. Upturned eye shape is the ideal eye shape everyone wants. Arishine's stylist appreciates the look of an upturned eye and suggests an Arabian eyeliner style as it matches the contour of the eyes. A light application of eye shadow will complete the look.


Upturned eyes are a lot better when paired with medium to a high grain of eyelash extension. Arishine's Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner has a better variance of medium to high grains of eyelash extensions.

Hooded Eye Shape

Hooded eye shape is one of the unique eye shapes. It features more of the eyebrows than the eyes. The brow bone features cause to have a hooded effect resulting in a deep-set crease, which causes the eyelids to be less visible. Most Germans have hooded eyes, and it features a strong and powerful look. This kind of eye shape is one of the popular shapes that can be found in European models. Arishine's stylist recommends a light style of eyeliner to match the natural contour of the eyes and brow bone. Hooded eye needs more eye shadows than eyeliner.

A hooded eye matches a medium grain of eyelashes to have a beautiful and decent look. The stylist recommends a medium grain but the thinner grain may be acceptable. Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner by Arishine have these kinds of grains. You may visit:

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