The Easiest Makeup Tutorial

My makeup, my rules!

The look you want to achieve and how will you apply your makeup really depends upon yourself, but there are some techniques that can help you make your applications effortless and long-lasting at the same time.


Here is the step-by-step guide for your flawless finish makeup application: 


Moisturizer & Primer Magic!

First, as a basic rule, clean and moisturize your face before applying makeup. Then, apply a primer, just be sure that you choose a primer that works for your skin type. Choose well, most especially, if you have a dry or oily skin. Applying a primer helps to prepare your skin for the next steps and also helps your makeup last throughout the day. 

Makeup Tips for Acne-Prone Skin | Watsons Philippines



Foundation & Concealer Combo:

For the next step, apply the foundation all over your skin and be sure to blend it down onto your neck using a duo-fiber makeup brush. Then, apply a concealer below your eyes forming a triangle shape. This ensures a natural-looking coverage, makes your skin look brighter, and can also draw more attention to your eyes. 

Foundation Or Concealer - How To Apply Foundation And Concealer ...



Eye Makeup Is The Key!

Of course, put an eyebrows on fleek using a product you are comfortable with to draw your eyebrows. Before putting on a mascara, you may apply one of the newest beauty trends, Arishine magnetic eyeliner and lashes, a less messy way to have a more natural-looking lash other than the traditional way of using false lashes, then your eye make up is all set.


Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial - Fashionista


Blush & Highlights:

Next one is to apply a blush to the apple of your cheeks and extend it up towards your temples. To add more glam, you can now apply your highlighter, put it along the top of your cheekbones, cupid's bow, in the center of your chin, and on the bridge of your nose to brighten up those parts of your faces where the sun hits naturally. Use a fluffy blending brush to put the eyeshadow of your choice to your lids. 

How to Use a Fan Makeup Brush - L'Oréal Paris




The Final Touch:

For the finale, put a lipstick of your choice or lipstick that can match your final look then your good to go. Be confident and slay!


How to Apply Lipstick Without Mistakes - L'Oréal Paris

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