The Future of Lashes: Magnetic Lashes

More and more people are turning to magnetic false lashes for varied reasons. And as its following grows, it is becoming more recognizable in the beauty market.

There are multiple reasons to love magnetic lashes. But there are also logical explanations as to why these bad boys should be considered frontrunners in the beauty industry. Here, we take a look at some of the pointers to check on.

It uses the least number of products.

Ever heard of the term minimalism and simple living? It’s a kind of lifestyle that’s getting more popular these days. Basically, minimalism focuses on the concept of living as efficient as possible without the use of excess materials that don’t serve their purpose.

The reason why magnetic lashes are products of the present and the future is that it vibes with the minimalist lifestyle simply because it eliminates the use of lash glues and other procedures. The convenience and quick application of these lashes add ease to users and provide further meaning to the application of false lashes.

It incorporates technology with beauty.

Beauty is always moving forward with its advances. But rarely do we see effective beauty products that utilize and feature technology with it.

Magnetic false lashes take the combination of beauty and technology to a whole different level as it features the mechanics of physics to users. From its name, magnetic false lashes make use of tiny magnetic particles that make the lashes stick to the lids either through magnetic eyeliners or through magnetic bands on the lashes themselves.

It is an oddly new product.

While many beauty products are always updating themselves to further improve their user’s experience with their products, magnetic false lashes have taken lash application up a notch and have set a benchmark for itself in its niche. It’s taken upgrade to a whole new level by presenting users an ultimately different kind of product that gives users the same results but in a much better quality.

It combines convenience and comfort.

Not all convenient products are the most comfortable to wear. And not all comfortable products are the most convenient and the easiest to apply. However, magnetic false lashes have provided both conditions to the users by improving the method of applying false lashes while maintaining the comfort of typical lashes on the eyes when worn.

In fact, magnetic false lashes improve users’ experience with magnetic lashes as it removes the extra weight of lash glue (as mentioned earlier). Some people may need to get used to the absence of lash glue and learn to trust that lashes stick to the lids without this extra. But it always turns out fine for the curious ones.


Beauty does not have to rely on aesthetics alone. People, as smart consumers, should also weigh in the pros and cons of using products, and in this case, magnetic lashes.

Needless to say, users should also understand the hype regarding this manner in a more objective lens. After all, it pays to feel confident about oneself and the products one chooses.

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