The Next Best Thing for Makeup

It’s no surprise that makeup creators around the world scramble to find what the next big thing is in the makeup industry. On the other hand, beauty enthusiasts are always eager to get their hands on interesting makeup products.

Here we take a look at some beautiful products that are sure to captivate the attention of any beauty fan.

Magnetic Lashes

It’s fun to play with makeup related to the eyes. And the cherry on top of this beautification process is applying lashes. However, some people find it tedious because of the application process. There’s the sticky icky glue that gets trapped in between the strands. Add to that the time it takes to let the glue dry on the bands so you can stick it in its place. Not to mention, the ugly glue that can be seen on your lash band.

Magnetic lashes bring lash game to the next level by skipping the entire gluing process. Instead, it utilizes microscopic magnetic particles that allow it to stick to the lids when applied. And although sans the usual application of lash glue, the staying power can compete to the ordinary kind of lashes.

Magnetic Eyeliners

To support magnetic lashes on the eyes, creators have thought of making eyeliners become more versatile and functional. Not only magnetic eyeliners exist to draw perfect lines on the eyes, it’s also the adhesive material that magnetic lashes stick to so the latter can stay on the eyes.

Hitting two birds with one stone, magnetic eyeliners also possess features of outstanding eyeliners. They have great tips that allow users to draw perfect and precise lines, sharp enough to kill with just a look. Plus, they are smudge-proof so it can withstand tears and sweat all day long.

Innovation in the World of Makeup

A lot has changed in the millennium regarding beauty. And one thing is constant: progress is made by continually improving what we already have. Magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliners are just proof that it is indeed possible to combine the giftings of technology and beauty to provide experts and enthusiasts alike the best of both worlds.

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