Toenail fungus is  your greatest enemy especially when you are out in public and you need to wear open footwear for your look. It can not only be an embarrassing condition, but it can also cause other skin and health issues. So let me give you 5 tips to prevent having toenail fungus.



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  1. Mind the shoes you wear. Experts say your toenail should not touch your shoes, so you should wear properly fitted shoes as well as breathable footwear.  Make sure your shoes have enough for your feet to breathe.

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  2. Don’t share nail tools with others. If you really want to avoid toenail fungus and other foot issues, the best thing to do is to not share nail tools such as nail clippers and nail file with others. But if you don’t have a choice but to share, always disinfect the nail tools before and after you use it.

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  3. Disinfect regularly. Always disinfect your shoes disinfectants and sprinkle your shoes with anti-fungal powder. Also, make sure to clean and disinfect  your shower and tub always. If you have sweaty feet, it is best for you to change your socks throughout the day.

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  4. Wear footwear in public areas. Places like  shower rooms or locker rooms are very prone to bacteria and fungi, that is why you should always wear flip flops or any kind of footwear in public areas like these. Keeping your feet dry is  the best way to avoid having toenail fungus. 

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  5. Wash your feet. The easiest and basic thing to do to avoid getting toenail fungus is to wash and dry your feet properly before bed every night. Hygiene is always the first key to avoid toenail fungus.



What if I already have toenail fungus?

Best thing to do is to go to your doctor and ask for a prescription. You can treat your toenail fungus using treatment cream and other fungal treatment solutions. Use Arishine Toenail Fungus Solution to treat your toenail fungus quickly and safe. 

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