Top Beauty Bloggers You Should Check!


Beauty is crazy evolving, trends are changing fast, brands popping from anywhere and if you want to cope up, you might need help from some of the beauty gurus famous on social media.


If you are not following them, well I think you are really missing a thing or two. If you are a real beauty enthusiast you should check these guys that will surely give you lots of entertainment and knowledge on the trend.


Let's start  checking them now:


Caroline Hirons


She is a globally qualified advanced aesthetician with a career spanning over 30 years and counting, Caroline 'The Hirons' has worked in beauty retail from the ground up, and has consulted for a whos-who of skincare brands including Pixi, Zelens, Sunday Riley, Pestle & Mortar, Kate Somerville and beyond. Caroline Hirons is trained in (well) over 100 brands! 



Madeleine Loves

Make-Up 101 / Eyeliner Flick Tips If You're Cr*p At It Or Have ...

Madeleine founded her blog Madeleine Loves several years ago and quickly became a thought leader in the blogging and beauty industry. She has won several prestigious awards for her blogs and vlogs and is also the beauty editor for InstyleUK.



The Beauty Look Book

beauty-blogger-the-beauty-lookbook - The Everygirl


If you love new product testings and reviews, The Beauty Look Book is the chicest blog when it comes to product reviews and swatches. Beauty blogger Sabrina started the site as a creative outlet while studying finance and marketing.





Behind the Byline with ThisThatBeauty's Felicia Walker Benson


ThisThatBeauty is the blog equivalent of that best friend who always knows where to find the latest products and how to wear the newest trends. From interviews with makeup artists and hairstylists to coverage of New York Fashion Week, Felicia Walker Benson and Christene Carr share insider knowledge and tips with readers. Plus, on top of writing honest product reviews, this beauty team creates videos on exactly how to use products. ThisThatBeauty leaves no stone unturned.



Beauty Banter

Sarah Howard SwearBy Cover 2 - Beauty Banter

Beauty Banter was created by Los Angeles-based beauty consultant Sarah Howard (who also happens to be Kim Kardashian's friend). Growing up in the business (her father owns Pierre Michel Salon) gave her an insider's look into beauty at a young age. Sarah is all about keeping a dialogue with her readers, sharing inspirational photos of people from Audrey Hepburn to Cindy Crawford and her blog's Under $10 posts are always on point.



Now you had a brief of them, who do you think is the most follow worth? Comment in the section below and share this with your friends! 

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