As years pass by, the Cosmetic Industry has been productive and made innovations. These innovations have become the modern standards of these makeups. As companies release new products, they raise the bars higher. The usually used cosmetic products are facial applications such as lipsticks, eye shadows, eyebrow pens, eyeliners, and fake eyelashes. Fake eyelashes are one of the most purchased products during this pandemic. Magnetic eyelashes are the innovation of the traditional glue-based false eyelashes. It uses magnetic force to hold up the false eyelashes instead of glue that causes an eye infection. They vary in size, style, and length.

As it became a trend, thousands of customers bought magnetic eyelashes. Some find them a lot better than the traditional ones, and some love how they look. Magnetic eyelashes are great on any occasion. Even celebrities and a few social media influencers use magnetic eyelashes. Here are some reasons why magnetic eyelashes are better and why you should get one.

Fair Price


Price is one of the things that every customer should consider. Every product has a different feature, and they have certain qualities that made a difference. Some buy expensive false eyelashes, but it does not give us the satisfaction we want. Magnetic eyelashes have the right price for their quality. The prices may differ about a dollar or so from the average price range, depending on the brand. Compared to the traditional ones, they have a similar price range but have better quality and better grip, which is a common issue.

Magnetic eyelashes have better quality for the price that you've spent. Glue-based eyelashes can get easily damaged as it uses adhesives to keep the eyelashes intact. Magnetic eyelashes have a base where it binds up all the eyelashes.

Easy and Fast Application


When putting up your false eyelashes, it would usually take some time to get them right, and you need to put a lot of effort make the correct placement and have a great look. Magnetic eyelashes have an easy-go application as they have a sturdy grip and don't fall off after putting them on instantly. Magnetic eyelashes are great for people who have a hard time doing their eyelashes and always in a hurry. Some customers who used glue-based eyelashes switched to magnetic eyelashes as they find it easier and costs less time to put it up.

Adhesive-based are great, but magnetic eyelashes are more convenient. You only need to place your eyeliner right, and you're good to go. The majority of these magnetic eyelashes come with magnetic eyeliner, which completes the magic.

Lasts For A Long Time


Magnetic Eyelashes lasts for a long time as it has a better composition and the material used better than the traditional ones. The adhesive of the traditional false eyelashes would come off after a few uses. Magnetic Eyelashes last longer as it uses magnetic reaction caused by the eyeliner and eyelashes. It only depends on how long the eyeliner lasts, and once it runs out, you can buy another magnetic eyeliner or have them refilled.


Brands may affect the quality of the magnetic eyelashes, but they all work the same. One of the popular and quality is Magnetic Eyelashes by Arishine. It has thousands of reviews stating customer satisfaction and got an average rating of 4.9 stars. For more products sold by Arishine, visit

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