Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease that spreads out through the earth that leads to a Pandemic. As time goes by, sanitization and proper hygiene is a must and becomes part of our everyday lives. It naturally became a need and a new basic essential. As the "New Normal" continues, disinfectants and personal hygienes are now essentials that each must-have. It became a natural practice these days, making them less vulnerable to the virus. Alcohols and hand sanitizers are examples of common portable disinfectants and are top disinfectants people purchased on the market, both online and physical stores.

There may be other kinds of disinfectants, but why alcohol and hand sanitizers? Why do some choose sanitizers over alcohol? Do they make any difference?

Portable and Compact

Carrying alcohol adds weight to your handbag, and having it inside consumes space, leaving lesser space for other necessities. Compared to big and bulky sizes, hand sanitizers are more affordable, and it’s super convenient to have. It’s very compact, and it works and disinfects just like alcohol. Alcohol containers sometimes create spillage that might damage your bag and the necessities within it. Unlike alcohol, hand sanitizers contain lubricants, making them feel a gel-like or gooey sensation, causing them a lot viscous than alcohol. If hand sanitizers are thick and sticky, the less tendency it creates spillage.

Hand sanitizers may also come in different sizes. It may depend on how much hand sanitizer it can hold. It comes in milliliter to liters. Arishine has 100ml Hand Sanitizer Gel with alcohol, and it’s great for personal use with a convenient size.

Lesser Price

Alcohols are super strong, and it kills microscopic bacteria as it cleans your hands from bacteria, making them germ-free. It also depends on the brand that has a different effective rate of alcohol. Hand sanitizers have the same thing when it comes to disinfecting and sanitization. It works the same, but others may also contain moisturizer that helps and prevent dry skin. Hand sanitizers are portable versions of alcohol that smells different and may vary in a different scent that attracts people. When it comes to size, the price also matters as people used hand sanitizers in smaller amounts only. Nixod Advanced Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer Gel sold by Arishine also works fine and has a high percentage of killing bacteria at a lesser price. It also contains 70% of ethyl alcohol that kills 99.99% of germs.

It has an average rating of 4.7 stars that indicates a good rating. Arishine also revealed to the public that several customers who purchased them came back and placed another order.

Proven and Tested


Hand sanitizers work perfectly fine. Every product purchased by customers has undergone a quality check before releasing it to the public, making sure it's safe to use. Hand sanitizers have certain chemicals like fragrance, scrubbed particles aside from 70% alcohol, and lubricants depending on the company. Methanol has a toxic effect that FDA has prohibited use as an ingredient on any drugs. FDA has advised companies to refrain from adding Methanol on alcohol and hand sanitizers. Common hand sanitizers do not contain Methanol and have passed the standards set by Authorities.

Arishine's page also sells common hand sanitizers. Nixod Advanced Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer Gel is safe as it only contains 70% ethyl alcohol, some lubricant solutions, and has 0% of methanol solution.

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