Truth or Myth? Let's Talk About Magnetic False Eyelashes

One of the latest products available in the makeup world are these magnificent magnetic false eyelashes. Good news and reviews about these products are making rounds on social media. What’s not to love about it?

Rising Popularity

Magnetic false eyelashes and the eyeliner that comes with it are catching the attention of top beauty gurus. But for someone who has no clue about how this product works, there are going to be lots of questions and assumptions.

We have gathered some of the statements and views that people have about magnetic false lashes. And we guess it is high time to debunk whether these have some grain of truth in them or they are plainly guesswork.

Take a look at these!

There are different kinds of magnetic lashes.


Those who are interested in using magnetic lashes, they don’t have to worry about the variety of lashes available. There are certain brands in the market that offer different designs, volumes, and lengths of lashes depending on what the customer needs.

Take for example Arishine Magnetic False Lashes. They have this set which has five pairs of lashes with different volumes and different fanning out effect. The world of magnetic lashes is still a world of variety. No need to worry.

Mascaras are no longer needed for these.


While one of the main purposes of using false lashes is to avoid too much effort for the user, applying mascara on top of false lashes is still dependent on the preference of the user.

It can also depend on the type of mascara that a user puts on the lids. One good purpose of applying mascara is to make sure that the false lashes blend well with the natural lashes, giving it a cohesive look.

When choosing to apply mascara over magnetic lashes, remember to apply thinly so as not to clump and avoid buildup of excess product. Also, make sure to remove mascara daily from the false lashes and the real lashes to preserve both.

They are not reusable.


There are many people who think false lashes are not necessarily reusable for health reasons. While this can be a valid excuse, users still have the freedom to reuse their magnetic lashes.

The good thing about using magnetic lashes is that there is no longer a need to use lash glue. That means there’s one less product to wash off after using it daily.

Regardless, just like any other beauty product, it’s important to maintain hygiene once people want to reuse their magnetic lashes. This is to avoid contamination and the breeding of bacteria in these products. Also, this preserves the shelf life of lashes way better.

There's no need to clean them.


Most people might think that using magnetic lashes exempts them from looking after their products and just let them lie on the table until the next usage.

Just like any other beauty product, magnetic lashes also need the love and care. This is especially the case when one chooses to apply mascara and other eye products on top of the lashes.

There are many safe cleaning agents in the beauty stores that are efficient in removing sweat, dirt, and makeup residue from lashes. This ensures that magnetic lashes are cleaned thoroughly without damaging the shape, form, and volume of these products.

Magnetic lashes always look fake.


Lastly, magnetic lashes exist to enhance people’s looks. The output depends on multiple factors.

Some lashes make look unnatural to the one wearing it since the volume might be too much or the color of the strands doesn’t match the person’s natural hair.

Regardless, there’s no need to worry as Arishine Beauty has different types of magnetic lashes that will cater to every user. This makes sure that each pair of lashes enhances the beauty of the person in the most natural and blended way possible.

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