Using Hand Sanitizer And Its Benefit

Using Hand Sanitizer And Its Benefit

Keeping your hands clean as much as possible is very important nowadays. As your hands are the ones who serve you the most, they can also be the one to put germs by having contact with your mouth, eyes, nose, and other parts of your body. Hoping that you wash your hands with soap and warm water many times(more than the usual) everyday, it's one of the best ways to keep them clean, but there is also another alternative, which is a hand sanitizer. If you already wrote this down in your shopping list, either personally buying them or just online shopping, might as well learn and know the benefits of hand sanitizer.


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Hand sanitizer benefits


Benefit 1: Helps in keeping cleanliness


This one shouldn’t surprise you anymore. One of the most primary benefits you can get from using it is that it will sanitize. They are designed for killing the germs and getting the job done. If you will use them properly, hand sanitizers can help in eliminating 99.9% of the germs present in your hands. When you are around the food, animals, throwing the garbage, and more, it is strongly recommended that you wash your hands and add the use of sanitizers on it, is the best way in keeping your hands clean.


Benefit 2: It is portable 


For sure, you can’t take your sink anywhere. In situations where you will need to wash your hand, availability of soap and water is not always possible. Then, it will be a big help to have a small bottle of hand sanitizer anytime and anywhere, have it in your bag, purse, or even on your pocket for situations like this, if it happens that you can’t find a sink or there is a long line. It will be perfect when you are to grab a snack on events or after leaving the grocery.


Benefit 3: Being around with a lot of people


Being at the office, classroom, or in any other place where there were a lot of people, spreading of germs quickly can really be possible. Let’s just say that you are not getting ready to eat or about to throw away the garbage, the germs(by the people around you) can really affect you. This is why having your hand sanitizer always available is perfect for times like this. You may be a teacher, student, or an office worker, killing germs throughout the day without leaving your classroom or own desk is important, as well as with the gym-goers before going on the next workout machine.






Benefit 4: Lesser chance for disease


Reducing exposure to other people’s germs plays a major part for your health, especially during this time of pandemic. By just taking a moment in sanitizing your hands a lot during the day can help to lessen your chance to get sick. Having a quick trip to your friend’s house or in the store exposes you the germs that cause sickness  and other illnesses. Keeping the hands as clean as possible is very important most especially during this COVID-19.


Benefit 5: Can make your hand softer


This one can be the most surprising benefits of using hand sanitizer. Your hand sanitizer can help in improving your hands’ skin texture. Hand sanitizer contains ingredients that can help in making your hands softer. One of the benefits of the hand sanitizer that you will surely love. 



There are a lot of benefits that a sanitizer can give, so don’t forget to write it down on your shopping list. Using hand sanitizer as your germ-fighting everyday regularly can boost cleanliness and keep you safe no matter what. You may want to look for Arishine’s Nixod hand sanitizer gel, this is gentle and non-irritating, can kill 99.9% of germs, and in travel size which makes them handy anywhere. Stay at home, make yourself safer during this pandemic, and shop it now online! Grab yours!



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