We Rated Magnetic Lashes – Here’s Our Verdict

Trying new makeup products is always fun considering that we get to discover new items in the long run. But we also need to be objective at the way we look at these makeup goodies.

Recently we tried magnetic false lashes and here are our scores based on the criteria that we set. Are you ready?

Appearance – 5/5

You can never go wrong with any makeup look if you put on magnetic false lashes. Because there’s no need to put on lash glue on the lids, the lash line becomes more defined so there’s not a lot going on. Just pure lashes and eyeliner which makes it all the more natural-looking.

Durability – 5/5

Frequent touch-ups are one of the banes of makeup lovers. What good use is a makeup product when you need to keep looking out for it?

Thankfully, magnetic false lashes last longer on the lids. We can clearly see that the magnetic particles both on the liner and the band of the lashes stick together in fantastic ways. Also, isn’t it cool that it’s held together with nothing else but pure physics?

Wear – 5/5

Comfort is always in the equation when it comes to makeup products. How well do these items fare when it comes to being comfortable, giving you the feeling that they’re always a part of you?

Since our trial of the magnetic false lashes, these extensions always seem like they’re part of our real lashes. They attach so comfortably on the lids sans the lash glue, therefore making it a whole lot lighter for the eyes. There’s also the lesser chance of irritation brought by lash glues.

Value for Money – 5/5

This loot is such a steal! If you ever compare the price of getting semi-permanent lash sessions in salons, you could save so much more if you opt for magnetic false lashes. They give you the same effect in a lesser amount of money that you have to spend on.

Travel-friendliness – 5/5

Need I say more? Skip bringing glue with you and just pack these magnetic false lashes and eyeliner that go hand in hand in giving your killer looks. Trust me. Bringing only these would be enough to make your eyes look their best in the most hassle-free way.

Permanence 4/5

Although these lashes stick to the lids for a very long-time, it’s a pair that you have to take off your eyes at the end of the day and put back the next day. But we have no problem in this area at all since application is the least of our worries here.


We recommend the use of these magnetic false lashes for all your needs. If you’re not fond of lashes, this just might be your turnaround point.

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