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It's undeniably more and more women are switching from their regular glued eyelashes to the new magnetic eyelashes. Maybe you are here because you haven't used one and you saw it on your friend or trending online. Today I'm breaking down why a lot of girls are making a switch so let's go!

1.  Easily the best thing to use.

 As a person who’s always on the lookout for new makeup and beauty products, I’ve already heard of the magnetic false lashes but never tried them for myself. I was already used to the normal lashes which required some amount of lash glue for application. But because this thing didn’t need lash glue at all, I had to figure out how to apply it.

 Little did I know that I was in for a big surprise. This pair of lashes were super easy to use. What I did was to draw eyeliner on my eyes like I normally would and then snap the bands of the magnetic lashes into place. That’s it! And I’m set for the day.




 2. The eyeliner is very cool.

 For a person with hair that’s not purely black, the struggle is real when it comes to finding products that can come closest to your natural shade. But this package got an eyeliner that’s one of the closest shade that can come to my natural hair color. So all is good in that department.

 Even for someone who has tested lots of eyeliner already, I am actually amazed at how easy it is to apply this product on the eyes. The applicator was precise enough which allowed me to draw lines very easily on my lids. And the ink is also very friendly on my skin. I had no negative reaction to it.




3. It’s comfortable enough on the eyes.

 The pack that I got contained pairs with different designs. I tested out the heaviest and thickest one to see if it would still feel comfortable on the eyes. For someone who is already used to wearing false lashes every now and then, this pair was relatively comfortable enough on the eyes.

 What I liked the most about this pair was that although it was their thickest and gave my lashes the most volume, it still felt light on the eyes. It didn’t seem like I was wearing an entire mini fan on my lids. Also, I think the length of the band and the hair strands themselves are just right. I can still see them.





4. Sweatproof? Yes, it is!

 As the day went on, I kept thinking whether these magnetic false lashes would last because I sweat a lot. This is a common problem I have when it comes to beauty products. There was once that even a heavy-duty lash glue didn’t hold my lashes in place.

 Good thing these lashes proved themselves to be a really strong set of magnetic lashes. They were able to last the entire day without falling off my lids even though I sweat at some parts of my day and was already very oily at the end. It’s another good point in my book.




5. Packaging & Travel Friendly

 It’s a product that I would personally recommend for use. I have nothing against it. The packaging is nice because it allows you to store your lashes after a hard day’s work. Plus, I think it’s a good cosmetic product that you can bring with you in case you want to travel and might need false lashes to accompany you.




 It comes at a really affordable price given that you’re getting a set of five pairs of lashes and eyeliner. For me, that’s already a good bargain as you’re getting a complete package. A beauty junkie must have!

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