Weird And Random Facts About Eyelashes Everyone Should Know!

Our natural eyelashes don't just make our eyes pop and look bigger. Our very own natural lashes protect our eyes from dirt and dust that might damage our eyes and cause eye infections. 


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Here are some random facts about our eyelashes that will make us rethink about our insensitive and wrongdoings we did towards our eyes as well as our eyelashes. These random facts will teach us a lesson to not put anything around our eyes just to make them look glamorous, and if so, we must learn to choose the right and best products for our eyes safety and product that will not damage our natural lashes as well as our eyesight, most especially when the product contains harmful chemicals. It’s a big NO! 



Eyelashes protect our eyes.

Eyelashes are as important as our eyebrows. These tiny, thin, soft hairs on our eyelids protect our eyes from dirt, sweat, droplets, and also from direct sunlight. But unfortunately, you sometimes feel that they are falling directly to your eyeballs that cause redness and eye irritation. 



They fall out everyday.

It’s a natural thing that your eyelash hair falls out everyday, it’s like a leaf falling from a tree every autumn season of the year. Here’s one fact, any of your lash hair from one to five will fall out everyday, but don’t you worry, that’s natural! You want to know another secret? The very reason why our eyelash hair doesn't usually grow too long is that our eyelash's growth cycle is shorter than the growth of our hair on the head. If they fall out regularly or if you accidentally cut them, they come back, lashes grow back to their natural style and length for about 5 months, this is just an estimation but yes, it will take a long time for them to get back. 

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There are tiny mites living in your eyelashes.


Yes, you read it right! There are these tiny mites living on our lashes, but don't worry we need them. These tiny mites are called Demodex that help us get rid of eye infections for they remove dirt, and help us clean our lash follicles from any dust or any makeup residues left on them. You must not get scared, instead, be very thankful to them because they are the reason why we’re not having clogged lash follicles that leads to a painful stye. 

Choose a makeup product that can easily be removed by oil-based eye makeup remover and that won’t harm your eyes from makeup residues to lessen the chance of getting clogged lash follicles. This Arishine magnetic eyeliner and eyelash kit is the product that best suits the description, you can easily attach the eyelashes to complete your look with the use of magnetic eyeliner, no glue needed! You can easily remove the magnetic eyeliner with micellar water or any makeup remover. You can also use the magnetic eyeliner as your normal eyeliner, which is very convenient on anyone’s part.

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People have started styling their eyelashes since 4000 BC.

Early eyelash styling tools have been found and invented since the time of Ancient Egypt. The modern mascara we all know is a different thing because it was created in 1913 in France. However, people didn’t give attention to mascaras at that time and didn't become popular in America until Maybelline debuted their very first mascara formula, a mixture of coal and Vaseline. Maybelline has changed the hearts of many people, they don’t disappoint the customers who tried their product, and that’s the beginning of something new to many especially to makeup experts and enthusiasts. 


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