Gel Nail polish became a trend as it gives a decent look and gives that satisfaction of having stylish nails. It became one of the highest sales in the cosmetic industry, as models, content creators, and social media influencers continue to use them. Gel nail polish has become modern nail polish. Traditional or ordinary nail polishes still bring the look you want, but most nail polish users choose gel nail polish. Gel nail polishes are a lot stronger as it has an acrylic layer that protects the nail polish. As famous people feature gel nail polishes, it became a trend, and productions doubled their work as customer demands began to arise. Several health experts have confirmed that gel nail polishes are healthier than normal ones.

Arishine, one of the trusted cosmetic companies, surveyed customers with their opinion about gel nail polish. Here are their response:


Why Do They Like Gel Nail Polish?


Most of the customers like gel nail polish, for the reason of practical decision. They made some calculations on how much they can spend on ordinary gel nail polish than ordinary ones. Gel nail polish doesn't peel off quickly because of its acrylic coating, making it a lot more durable and could last for months. Gel nail polishes last for a long time, which is less hassle for re-polishing nails. In 4 months, they can use two bottles of ordinary ones, a bottle for gel nail polish. It might be a few dollars away, but you can save almost a bottle for the price.

Nails also need some time to regain it's lost nutrients as gel nail polish sticks well. There might be a chance that a chance for nails to be brittle as gel nail polish made them stronger.

More Styles to Explore!

Gel nail polish has an acrylic coating which makes it able to stand for a long time. Aside from the acrylic finishing, you can take advantage of making nail arts with the texture it has. Some customers love using gel nail polish because of its color. They said it is fun to explore this finishing as they can use a lot of art with this stuff. Gel nail polish is a lot more convenient than the other ones because you don't need to redo your nail arts. After all, it preserves the art through the quality of the nail art.

Gel nail polishes are fun, and you can be creative in making your style. One of the reasons why it became a trend is it simple yet, a lot of things to explore!

Keeps Your Nails Healthy


Gel nail polish can make your nail healthy! It keeps your nails protected over time through the acrylic layer. It also helps you discipline yourself to follow the resting period rule. Gel nail polish doesn't come off that quick. It forces you to wait until the scheduled time to remove the polish. Gel nail polish is more flexible, and it keeps the nails intact when bent accidentally. Gel nail polish can't be easily removed unless certain products are applied. Gel nail Polish removers are one of the products that can help remove the polish without any damage. It contains several chemicals that dissolve the acrylic finishing. There are several kinds of Gel nail polish remover, and its effectiveness depends on the brand.

Different brands contain different amount of specific chemical that makes the process faster or slower. Arishine's Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover works well and has over a thousand reviews ensuring the public about the product's satisfaction. Health professionals, beauty experts, and cosmetic specialists made sure that it's safe and has passed the health and quality standards.

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