Why Magnetic Lashes Are Becoming A Trend Today

Modern times require modern solutions. This statement does not only apply to the complicated and intricate mechanisms of work and life in general.

Even the small things we use in our day to day routines also need to adjust according to our pace. It is, then, no wonder that the beauty industry caught on and made efforts to address the concerns of the modern woman.

Take, for example, the trend of magnetic false lashes. At first glance, one might raise their brows (literally) at the mention of this product. In reality, lots of women are querying into their search boxes the phrase ‘best magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner’ in hopes to score the best deals.

Looking further into the hype, here are the most understandable reasons why this beauty product is taking their places in beauty counters everywhere.

  1. They are quick to use.

Women of today prefer to use products that don’t require much of their time nor much effort. The game is all about efficiency. Many product designers often forget that while women love spending time in improving their appearance, they also prefer to do it the quickest way possible.

Magnetic lashes hasten their routine by skipping one or two steps. It eliminates the time needed for traditional lash glues to dry up by just using magnetic forces to stick lash bands to the eye. This, then, connects to point number two. 

  1. It’s a smart idea.

Incorporating the laws of physics to a beauty product used to be a far-fetched idea in the past. Not anymore with magnetic lashes. Using tiny magnetic particles as adhesive devices for makeup is a genius idea in itself, one that can impress any lady who is always on the lookout for the revolution in makeup.

  1. It’s not wasteful.

The magnetic eyeliner paired in the use of these magnetic lashes can act as an eyeliner on its own with its dark pigment. Should the user opt to wear magnetic falsies or not, it’s going to be a win-win situation with the eyeliner applied on the lids.

Magnetic false lashes eliminate the need for lash adhesives in the forms of glue which prevents the user from using another product. And because of that, the lack of applying lash glue also scraps further waste when the time comes for the makeup to remove.

  1. They’re comfortable to wear.

The lack of glue used in the entire process accounts for the lightweight experience of users when putting on these magnetic lashes. This translates to more comfortable wear that women can enjoy throughout the day.

  1. They last long.

As these magnetic lashes are not prone to damage from chemicals used in strong adhesives, their shelf life grows longer and their quality is properly maintained over time. Ladies can repeatedly wear their falsies without having to worry about the deteriorating of their products.

 Beauty is Efficiency in Modern Times

Across different types of beauty products, innovation is key in meeting the needs of users. Magnetic lashes are proof that a trend is more than just the hype. Several reasons underlie their popularity and more often than not, these pertain to sustainability and efficiency.

Beauty products can learn from a thing or two from magnetic lashes that are here to make beauty a little less of a chore.

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