Why We Prefer Magnetic False Lashes – From a Minimalist’s Perspective

My makeup journey is still far from perfect. But we’ve already come across several beauty products that we tried and tested through time. To be more specific, eye products have a special place in my heart for always helping me look my best even when I don’t try too much. The magnetic lashes stand out particularly for some reasons. And here are some of them. 

Prevents Eye Irritation 

People with sensitive eyes understand that the slightest particle can irritate the eyes and cause a snowball of problems. I’ve learned a lesson the hard way to avoid lash glue. But I didn’t have to stop wearing falsies because magnetic lashes allow me to do so. By wearing these magnetic lashes instead of glue-reliant falsies, I avoid impending risks of eye irritation.


For someone like me who travels frequently and needs to pack things easily, forgetting lash glue back then was worrisome. On the other hand, bringing along a lash glue might be too much for someone like me who’s aiming for a minimalist lifestyle. This is why I now prefer magnetic lashes since two products are rolled into one: an eyeliner and lash adhesive. Isn’t that just great? It helps me save precious space from my makeup and essentials pouch. 

Simple is Always Best 

It’s a no brainer to understand how simplicity is best. By removing too many products in one’s position, people can spend more important resources like money on more important things. That is why I was drawn to the magnetic lashes. I still cannot feel complete without applying lashes. But I found the minimalist compromise which is to wear magnet-based lashes. 

Adds Value to Makeup 

Lastly, for someone who is on a journey to figuring out only the essential items and discarding the rest, using this set of lashes and eyeliner taught me that beauty products can actually be multipurpose, thereby adding more value to them. These simple joys in beauty products remind me that we don’t need excessive functions and tools to get us going. Instead, we have to scrutinize which one works best for us even in the long run.

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