Work From Home Tips Without Letting Go Your Favorite Makeup Look!

Work From Home Tips Without Letting Go Your Favorite Makeup Look!

26 Working From Home Tips During the Coronavirus Outbreak




Work from home is one of the changes COVID-19 has brought, along with social distancing, some may find themselves in between this. We’re here to give some easy tips and tricks for your work-at-home life and we’ll throw some beauty tips all just for you. To start with this, here is the work from home tips to be more productive, positive, and keeps your creativity flowing.



Very helpful work from tips.


Steady location: It’s good to keep a consistent area where you're going to do your work from home. Have your things in one place and your desk and start doing your work for the day.

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Maintain a work schedule: Always start your work day with the exact time as if you are going to an office. Better stick with your good work schedule. 

Make your own actionable plan with all your working tasks: Write it all out and check them off as you go. 

Choose your preferred online tool to use to keep up with your co-workers: This can really help you to stay connected with them, and help bigtime if you need to collaborate as if you were still working in an office altogether. 

Don’t forget to take a break: It is important to always give yourself a break no matter how busy your day is. Take your usual lunch break because this is essential and can also help you to keep your mind on functioning well, so that you get back to your team with a fresh mind and you can give your best as well.

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Can I still go with my usual makeup routine?

Working from home can’t let your usual makeup routine go. You still need to present yourself, there are calls that need to be answered, so light makeup is still needed. Arishine magnetic eyeliner and lashes can be a big help for you, they are just easy and quick to apply which you can add with your light makeup and can make your face look more lively. For sure, you just don’t want to let any of your beauty routine go even if you were just working from home. Now, choose the best fit lash style for you and for the shape of your eye! 

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